What to Expect — For Attorneys

Chuck Kahn was in private practice of law for more than 15 years prior to serving as judge. On the bench, Judge Kahn respected attorneys and recognized the challenges of client representation.

For all dispute resolution Chuck promises:

  • To come prepared. Every document submitted in advance will be read and every exhibit reviewed.
  • To listen attentively to you and your clients and to treat everyone involved with dignity and respect.
  • To be entirely neutral as to any dispute and to respect the positions of all parties.
  • To keep confidential any statements and submissions designated as such.
  • To be flexible.
    • to adjust the proceedings for the particulars of each case,
    • to travel to your preferred location or offer the use of our comfortable mediation suite in downtown Milwaukee, and
    • to provide services at hours or on days which best suit the needs of the lawyers and parties.
  • To continually enhance the services available with A Neutral View so as to make the process as easy as possible for attorneys and their clients and to seek feedback from lawyers as to how such services can be further improved.
  • To bill responsibly.
    • to charge the standard $425/hour, split among the parties, unless a different arrangement is agreed in advance,
    • to charge nothing for the use of our downtown Milwaukee mediation suite, nothing for travel time within Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, Racine or Kenosha counties, and a reduced rate for travel time outside Southeastern Wisconsin

In mediation Chuck promises:

  • To hear the attorneys’ perspectives of the intricacies of your case and the points of particular importance to your clients.
  • To converse interactively with your clients, to allow their voice to be heard in advancing the process of settlement.
  • To work earnestly and efficiently to achieve resolution. To respectfully persist in difficult cases, leaving no stone unturned to obtain for the parties the relief of resolution.
  • To prepare simple settlement papers prior to departure of the parties to remove uncertainty as to any matter at hand.

In binding arbitration Chuck promises:

  • A fair forum for final determination of all issues.
  • A full hearing, with opportunity for the presentation of all relevant information and argument.
  • A prompt, clear and reasoned decision, based solely on the facts and applicable law.

At the mediation suite of A Neutral View, Chuck promises:

  • A calming, comfortable environment on the 6th floor of the Colby Abbot Building, one of Milwaukee’s first and finest office buildings, built in 1885.
  • Free parking at the valet-operated Colby Abbot Garage.
  • Healthy snacks in addition to fresh water, coffee and tea.
  • Free WiFi throughout the suite.
  • Advanced technology, such as large display screens and a color hi-res scanner/printer.

Fee Structure

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